It’s a Sunday morning in March – the snow is falling outside and I’ve decided to be kind to myself. I’m not listening to all of those years of programming telling me that I “should” be doing something else. I’m going to be lazy because I can!

So, I made myself a heavenly bacon butty, followed by a cup of coffee and listened to the late, great Nat King Cole feeling all warm and cosy. I started to feel quite nostalgic. Nat King Cole isn’t my era, but I’m the youngest of 4 sisters so I had quite a range of music imposed upon me.

That caused me to look back at my life and wonder how I got to where I am now and how I feel about it. Only in our minds can we travel at warp speed from the past, to the future, back to the present!

I realised that I was robbing myself of the moment that I had been luxuriating in only minutes earlier. Those old programmes obviously run really deep.

I focused on the beat in the music and started breathing in time to it … I notice that the word beat appears in breathing … synchronicity … I wonder? Then my thoughts turned to the ebb and flow of the ocean replicating the breath entering and leaving my lungs. I thought about how everything in this Universe of ours is a reflection of our way of being.

Days earlier I’d stood looking at a wonderful old oak tree, stripped bare of its leaves and considered how it resembled our human body, with the branches and twigs being our skeleton and veins. As I listened to Nat he reminded me that our lives too were depicted in terms of the Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter phases.

Recently whilst walking my dog in the park I saw that the winter storms had brought down a branch of a lovely old tree. I immediately felt sad. Several days later I was talking to the tree surgeon who was tidying up the area and he confirmed that the branch had been diseased. So it was almost an amputation by nature and I prayed that the tree that remained would continue to grow healthy and strong for many more years to come.

When I first started out as a counsellor I worked with a client who had a highly responsible job and had many family issues going on along side that. When my clients talk I tend to pictoralise what they say and I then reflect that picture back to them. When she talked I pictured a large tree that was trying to stand strong and upright instead of bending with the wind. She was trying to be perfect and do right by everyone, instead of simply doing the best that she could. By using that picture of herself she was ultimately able to begin to sense when she was standing tall and when she should be kind to herself and bend with the wind (situation) go with it instead of fight against it.

These are merely my ramblings … I follow the breadcrumbs that my mind lays down and I end up I know not where lol but always for a reason. Today, it’s about us being kind to ourselves, to bending with the wind, to go with the flow of life and not wear ourselves out fighting against it by trying to control everything. We should mimic nature because we are part of it and ultimately have faith that everything will come to us when the time is right. It’s about appreciating the seasons; in winter we rest and replenish, ready for the growth spurts in spring, the enjoyment of the long sunny days in summer and the peaceful reflective time in autumn.

Be kind to yourself always … do what feels right for you.