The only thing limiting us in life is the belief that there are limits ..

Everything we do, say, feel and experience is based on an emotion and behind that emotion is a belief. Some beliefs serve us well, others don’t. This blog will cover how you can clear and re-programme those limiting beliefs. You can start by believing that is possible.

Keep track of how many times you find yourself saying “I AM ……..”. Every time you say “I AM” followed by whatever it might be, then you’re actually being driven by your subconscious. I’ve worked with children with low self esteem and tell them this all the time. If you tell yourself numerous times on a daily basis “I AM stupid”, then you are programming your mind to believe that. That belief will limit your possibilities.

When you have such a thought, it will create a self sabotaging emotion that will cause a REACTION ie I AM useless (thought) = feeling worthless (emotion) = getting angry or self harming (reaction). Now, if instead you have a thought that creates an emotion and you throw it back to your mind and question that emotion then you will create an ACTION instead! So using the same example above I AM useless (thought) = feeling worthless (emotion) then we now question where that emotion has come from ie What am I useless at? Have I really tried to do it (whatever it might be), probably not! OK I’ll give it a go and it doesn’t matter if I succeed or not because I’ve tried. That results in an ACTION to try and do it! The negative emotion has been turned around. You are no longer useless, you are empowered because you have taken control of your mind, rather than let it control you. It’s YOUR mind for a reason. This practice works brilliantly for children and I always give them this picture as a reminder of how simple it is, to change their habits and reprogramme their minds to be limitless.

The point I’m trying to make is that if we listen to what automatically comes out of our mouths, then it will come from a self-limiting belief or a value that has been placed upon us by others throughout our life, until it’s become a part of who we are. It keeps us in “check” and “under control”. In other words, we’ve been programmed to act and live in a particular way. The good news is that once you realise this, then you can begin to clear those limiting beliefs and re-programme them to your advantage.

You MUST be aware of what you’re thinking and saying. When you have a negative thought then immediately just question it. It’s like the adult in you correcting the child in you, because it’s the child who has picked up all these negative beliefs about his or herself. It really is that simple. Consciously dismiss negative thoughts and you’ll have a much better day, a much better life. Thoughts make THINGS, so have only GOOD ones! YOU HAVE THE POWER use it to create a better life for yourself; don’t abuse it because by doing so your are abusing yourself and you deserve so much better than that smiley