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The Power of Your Vibration

Law of Attraction Posted on Sun, March 25, 2018 12:03:34

I was listening to a random video on YouTube this morning about hypnotherapy and the Law of Attraction and how it’s not our thoughts that attract things to us … it’s actually our vibration / frequency / feelings that make things happen. With every thought that we have consciously; there is an unconscious or sub conscious thought running simultaneously along side it. So if our sub conscious is filled with limiting beliefs (fears) then no matter what our thoughts are, if they are not one in the same then we will always receive the dominant thought and that is always the subconscious one – that is the one with the most power because it holds our deepest, darkest secrets.

When I walked my dog this morning we went to the park and as usual on a Sunday there was a local football team playing. As we got closer to where they were playing I thought to myself “please don’t let that ball come off the pitch and hit my dog on the head”! Years ago this had happened to one of my other, now passed, beloved pets and I’ve convinced myself that this incident was partly to do with her demise. Although the rational (weaker vibrational) part of me tells me that I’m talking rubbish! Anyway we get three quarters of the way past the football game and the ball comes off the pitch and stops literally 1″ away from my dogs head and falls at her paws. Although this validated that the power does indeed lie in our vibration (feelings) … how then do we emit a vibration as strong as fear, but for good and not bad. Then it dawned on me … the ball had lost momentum, so there was no power behind it. I smiled as I realised that we DO attract on the strength of our vibration (feelings) and on this occasion my feeling had been one of “fear” topped only by my “love” for my dog and wanting her to be safe. The fear attracted the ball, the love stopped it from doing any harm.

There are only two truly powerful emotions that we have … on one end of the stick is FEAR and on the other end of the stick is LOVE … all other emotions come somewhere in between those two. So, in order to attract good things to you, you have to send out the vibration of love and well being to everyone and everything, including yourself … no matter what. How you do this is entirely up to you – after all you know yourself far better than I do. Check into your vibration on a regular basis if your feeling frustrated or angry or sad or anything else that is on its way to the scale of fear then change it until it starts sliding in the opposite direction towards love. You have the power … you always have had. Your life is a reflection of how you’re feeling on the inside. If you don’t like your life then change your vibration!

Bright blessings x


Law of Attraction Posted on Sat, September 30, 2017 16:32:32

The Law of Attraction feeds on Gratitude and positivity, so whenever you’re feeling negative or hard done to, quickly flip it into a positive thought. Control YOUR mind – don’t let it control you!

Remember what you send out is what you will get back … always!

Everything that makes up your life at the moment – you’re thoughts have brought it into being.

Be particular about what you think about because by doing so you are giving it the power to appear in your life … and it will regardless of whether it’s good or bad! So, get choosy with your thoughts. smiley