I woke up with a real fuzzy feeling in my head this morning and “no” I hadn’t been drinking last night lol.

As I always follow my intuition I immediately “felt” that my crown chakra was blocked. I really don’t want any chakra to be blocked, but certainly not my crown chakra. So I took a few minutes to relax and asked the Universe to clear this blockage, but not only that, I asked that all blockages going right back to when my soul was born be cleared. We never know how much negativity we carry with us from past lives. My head is now feeling less fuzzy, but I’m left with a mild headache. This, to me, is an indication that Source energy is working on clearing any negativity as requested. It’s not important that I know what it’s about, just that it’s been brought to my attention so that I can now set about cleansing it.

Another useful tip regarding chakras is this … if when you wake up in the morning you quickly open and then shut your eyes you will see a colour. You should try to introduce that colour into what you are wearing that day be it clothing or jewellery. The colour will relate to a chakra that is in need of balancing. smiley